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    "For more than 25 years I have worked with those with various interest in business - The goal is to break out of the box of mainstream rhetoric and find solutions that create win-win-win results" - Jonyprofit

  • Winning is not about luck, it's about the ability to understand the game, yourself and the competition. You got to play to win on and off the court.

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    Jonyprofit participated in the launch of the Houston market as a business adviser to scholar business owners.

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    "Helping People Map A Plan Of Action For Some Of The Most Complex Business Topics Facing Entrepreneurs. Discover What Is Possible Once You Open Your Mind" - Jonyprofit

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    "You have the ability to do and be more, use it!" - Jonyprofit

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    "Entrepreneurship is not simply about buy low and sell high, it's about a lifestyle of well-rounded over achievements that make up a quality of life that others only dream about in passing" - Jonyprofit

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    "On-air gives me the ability to reach the masses of potential superstars. We focus on niche' markets where people have money and predefined needs!" - Jonyprofit

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    YMCA 2012 Minority Achievers Honoree - Jonyprofit

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    "Business is and most likely will always be about who you know over what you know how to do well. Strategy starts with people evaluations not business plans and social media" - Jonyprofit

Get Battle Ready!

“There’s class warfare, all right,” Mr. Buffett said, “but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.” – NY Times

Opportunity Starts Outside The Box with Jonyprofit

Gain Elite Insight

1Jonyprofit will help you gain valuable insight about some of the most complex business topics facing entrepreneurs. Discover what is possible once you are exposed to a mentally stimulating, visual story-based tale of how the elite do business. Each 2013 topic listed below was created with the business person ready to take action in mind.

Topics Covered
  • Prosperity: Class Warfare
  • Universal Business Model
  • Beyond Social Media
  • Funding Any Venture
Train To Win

2Elite training sessions are designed by Jonyprofit and created to make you the Expert. So-called business and marketing experts, coaches and gurus can only speak from very limited shallow positions. Jonyprofit teaches you to leverage the power of Google Search by training you on “What, Why and How to” ask the world the right questions.

Take Aways
  • Elimated So-Called Experts
  • Get World Class Information
  • Become The Insightful One
  • Take Action Immediately
Take Action

3A productive business developer is worth their weight in gold – retaining one for a small business can be cost prohibitive. Jonyprofit has created turn-key solutions for entrepreneurs seeking to break through to the next level in their business. Twenty-five years of improving the way companies do business is now just a click away. Take the next step!

Key Services
  • Opportunity Management
  • Market Development
  • System Deployment
  • Business Automation
Investment Ready?

4Are you willing and able to go to the next level? Do you need help getting ready? The team at Jonyprofit is seeking to invest in entrepreneurs. Does your company have the potential to go from the high six figure revenues to a seven plus figure money machine? If you have high dollar skill-sets, market experience and connections – let’s talk.

Initial Prerequisite
  • High Value Skills
  • Connected In Community
  • Corporate Experience
  • Willingness To Go Big!
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“It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.” -Mark Twain